Just a taste of information about my background.
The focus is on heart-healthy vegetables and food!

My passion for cooking started when I was introduced to gourmet cooking while working in fine-dining restaurants, where I was given the opportunity to witness the chef's creations. I marveled at the culinary works of art they made, and at the delicious flavors and aromas their food produced. Learning from the chefs stirred a passion inside of me.

I began to study the art of cooking, reading through cookbooks like they were novels. I found a real joy in being in a kitchen, preparing meals for my family and friends.

I decided to pursue a career in the personal chef field. I attended and graduated from the Culinary Business Academy in Phoenix, Arizona as a personal chef, and became a member of the United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA). My client base is in the Columbus and Delaware areas. The common thread among all my clients is that they are tired of eating out all the time, spending a ridiculous amount of money on fast-food and pizza, and they want healthier meals at home. My cooking specialty has become heart-healthy foods. My joy is in preparing meals for my clients, knowing that I'm helping to contribute to their overall health, and that I'm helping to bring them back home for dinners.

Bon Appétit!
Chef Alison Chapman

. . . very professional, capable and . . . flexible to our specific requests related to our tastes, likes and dislikes . . . goes out of her way to meet our needs . . . meals are delicious and having her provide this service makes our lives much easier – we’re not sure what we would do without her! ”
Brad & Elizabeth
(clients since 2004)

“. . . wonderful to work with, and she is a fantastic addition to helping our family eat both well, and well-rounded, home-cooked gourmet meals. Our family has an extremely busy lifestyle, and she is a perfect fit. She has a true passion for cooking and it is evident in all the wonderful dishes she prepares. . . . a very talented chef, clean and professional, and always aims to please; going the extra mile to make sure we are satisfied. She has designed menus to suit our life style and meet our dietary needs, as well as kept her recipes diverse and delicious.” 
Bill & Michelle (clients since 2004)

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